Handyman Services and More! - Exterior

          To show our craftsmanship! Just for Fun, a Saloon We Built!


Golu Steps

                                     Tile Roof Cleaning


                             Paver Resanding and Resealing   
Paver Restoration
Sanding and Sealing Pavers
                                          Gate Repairs

Gate Re-Hanging
Gate repairFence Repair                                                                               

                                    Pressure Washing

                          Pressure Washing Before and After

                                       Before and After



With The Right Equipment Your Sidewalk and Driveway Can Look Great Too!

Pressure Washing





            Fence Look A Little Green? We Can Get It Looking New Again!


                                       Boot Repairs

                       Gutter Cleanings and Debris Removal

Gutter Cleaning

                                       Door Intstallations

French Door Replacement
                                     Before and After

Door replacement

French Door Installation

                                         Staining and Repairs



                              French Drain Cleanings

French Drain Cleaning



Mobile Home Step Railing Installation

Mobile Home Step Railing Install


                                 Stucco MailBox Repair

Mailbox RepairStucco Mailbox Repair


                          Wheel Risers Installation

Steel Wheel Riser Installation

                                Exterior Drywall Repairs